Never be beggars of love, always be donors of love.

― Jibu John George (via psych-quotes)

I am feeling the need to set some goals for the rest of my semester hence forth this list: 

  • First and for most I am not going to let this drama with a boy ruin my happiness, and that means I am committing to purging him from my life, moving on and finding happiness in myself and things I enjoy
  • Second, I want to keep myself healthy, mentally as well as physically
  • Third, I want to run well this track season, I am going to be serious about my commitments and goals to obtain that 
  • Fourth, I want to also do well this semester, this is really my last semester here for getting grades, I want to commit myself to getting straight As for literally at least one semester !!! 
  • Fifth, I want to land my cardiac rehab internship for next semester
  • Sixth, apply to nursing school !!! 
  • Seventh, attend the trip with MED LIFE 
  • Eighth, Enjoy time with friends here, I want to make my senior year worth it
  • Ninth, BUDGET! watch the money, save what you can don’t spend it all on things you dont need 
  • Tenth, be honest with myself about what I want and what I don’t want 
  • Eleventh, I really want to get in the habit of attending church every week, even if it’s Saturday night or sunday morning, having God in my life is really health for me 
  • 12) Find a way to start doing Yoga more often, I really love doing yoga and normally feel a lot better after. I want to try to go once a week this year and this could be a great way to meet new people too 
  • 13) be open minded, be open to new people , different experiences and different places 
  • 14) Go to philly! 
  • 15) Go to New Hope